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Syndicate Bank Internet Banking Guide,How To Use ?

Syndicate Bank, A Premier Leading Public Sector Bank in India has introduced a new concept under it’s Syndicate Bank Internet Banking Application, they called this Syndprotect. Bank has informed that this new security features in Internet Banking will help customers to do Online transaction under very safe mode.

Now Customer can use this new Internet Banking Application of Syndicate Bank on any devices like Desktop, Laptops, Tablets, Mobiles, Android etc. SyndProtect will replace the traditional Transaction Password and will boost the security of online transactions of customer’s against fraudsters who purport to be genuine and attempt to siphon off.

Although this new feature of Syndicate Bank Internet Bank is very smart in securing the customer’s data under online mode but little complicated also to use. After using their services and comparing with few other banks, I feel that SyndProtect little complicated.

Anyway I have provided the Step By Step Process to use the application under online mode at various devices like Desktops, Android Mobiles, Tablets, iphone etc., Just follow the below mentioned steps :

 Syndicate Bank provided Internet Banking application in Two mode Hardware or Software devices

Hardware Devices : It is like an USB device which contain digital data which generate the Six Digit code known as Tokens code at a frequency of every 60 seconds. Each Token-Code can be used only once after which it expires. HSBC credit card holders are using the such facilities for Login to online banking.

Software Devices : It’s a a small program which will be downloaded to your requested devices like Desktop, Android Phones, Mobiles, iPhone etc. User can generate the four digit password through this software and can be used online with PIN.

What Are the Devices Supporting the Syndprotect Internet Banking Software / hardware ?

For Desktop Computer/Laptop/Netbook with 

  • Windows Operating System

All Mobile Phones having Operating Systems like

  • Google Android 2.1 and above
  • Apple iOS 4.3 and above
  • Windows Phone 7.5 and above
  • BlackBerry OS 4.5 and above

Steps To Use the Application for Syndicate Bank Internet Banking 

1. Customer needs to choose the option whether Hardware or Software, Confuse which one to use. Let me suggest you, Hardware devices are helpful for such person who doesn’t have Smartphone or Desktop/Laptops or any gadgets mentioned above.

2. Apply For Internet Banking at your nearest Syndicate Bank branch

3. Get the Login Password for your requested accounts

4. After successful login to Internet Banking, Apply for the Transaction Password to bank. You may also download the  Application Form

5. You must have had an Email Id and Updated Phone Number at Bank’s account. This is mandatory for availing the SyndProtect.

6. Within 24-48 hours an Email with utility software will be Emailed to you.

7. Download the Software at your Desktop or any other folder at your computer or Devices. You may also download the application at Download the Base Installation Software of RSA SecurID.

8. After the download run the application, it will appear as RSA SecureId Desktop


9. Choose the Option Import From Web to Enter the Activation Code

10. After inserting the Activation Code, A Token will be generated

11. You may keep the Default token Id or may change the Name as per your Requirement

12. Initially Users have to set the PIN just after activating the RSA Secure ID, Any transaction will be activated only using the PIN+TOKEN or PASSCODE

That’s over, Your New Services of Syndicate Bank Internet Banking Activated under secure mode.

For Any queries related to Syndicate Bank Internet Banking, Just ask it here.

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