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7 Best VR Headsets to Experience Virtual Reality on your Smartphone – Technical Tips


Whether you want to watch a movie, play your favorite game or literally desire to take a jump to the other side of the world, a Virtual Reality headset defines this experience for you. The definition of enjoyment attains a new high when you get the capacity to actually view in the Virtual Reality.

A Virtual Reality headset is a device that enables a viewer to experience reality visually. This is thus opposed to the actual reality that is present. Sometimes, the device used could be the Virtual Reality glasses or they could be anything else.

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Such a Virtual Reality headset has become very popular and gaining momentum in the market.  Go through the list of the best Virtual Reality headsets available:

(Price: $99 | Buy from Amazon | BestBuy )

Gear VR is a Virtual Reality headset which is compatible with any of the Samsung Galaxy family phones. The device asks you to move your headset into the Gear VR mode and you will be immediately shifted to Virtual reality. With a Virtual Reality headset like a Samsung gear VR, it’s easy to simply transport yourself to the land of virtual reality of gaming, fun and enjoyment.

samsung VRWhether it is about gaming or taking a virtual vacation or just watch a movie, thus headset- Samsun gear VR  will do it all for you. It provides the feeling of owning a Virtual Reality theater. You will be free for any other distractions and get transported to the virtual reality headset land.

It is Completely wireless
There is excellent efficiency in head tracking
There is solid content library
Resolution may be a little disappointing
Full game content may be expensive
Compatibility limited only to a few  Galaxy smartphones. Need up-gradation.

(Price:  $15-$40 | Buy from Google Store | Amazon )

With a wide variety of viewers and headsets to choose from one cannot give a blind eye to Google’s Cardboard. The best thing about Google Cardboard is its simple design which makes users get very comfortable with the device. It is able to support screens which length up to 6 inches.

google cardboardYou are able to update your current applications to virtual reality through this. It is very much available for Android users. Advanced computer vision exists with this supplemented with added computing power that surely makes Google Cardboard a sure hit. 16 pieces of video can be transformed into amazing quality of stereoscopic VR video.

Google brand qualifies
Offers good interface
Any Android /iOS user would get hitched to Virtual reality through this.
Does not offer much Virtual Reality experience
Google Cardboards’ googles could not match up to other VR goggles like Gear VR, Vive or even Oculus.

(Price: $399)

The PlayStation Virtual Reality headset is a combination of technology and gaming communities together. As compared to Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, this one stands an equal chance. The headset offers a great chance of Virtual reality revolution.

play station VRThey have included an important upgrade which runs at a 120 Hz instead of 60 Hz. In this, head tracking LEDs quality has improved and can be ranked on a better scale. Their comfort level is equally good as the majority of the weight of the headset rests over the top of your head. They are comfortable in use with glasses on also.

Its comfort level is optimum
It is even fitted with a commendable design
Its head tracking abilities are excellent
The graphics are not much developed yet, have a retro style feel to it
The content is not much developed

(Price: $3000 | Order from MicroSoft Store )

Microsoft HoloLens is a device which renowned itself to be called a holographic computer.  The best thing remains of this headset that you will be able to follow the recent developments of the makers. There is digital content also available.

microsoft hololensThe best thing about this headset is just that you will have a better relationship with the virtual reality of objects as compared to other physical objects.

Microsoft HoloLens offers good  augmented reality which is useful and engaging
It is easy for developers as they can write HoloLens apps
With this device, there would be no Virtual Reality nausea or  any kinds of 3D headaches in the device
Even after the news has broken out, the Price and battery life of this device is temporary
There could be issues if you wear glasses
There is no guarantee of design as the look of the headset is weird

Price: $350-$500

It labels itself to be the world’s first eye tracking virtual headset.  In this device, you can actually take the liberty of playing with your eyes and be treated with an immediate reaction. Not only this, emotions are very well received in this one.

fove vrThere is good precision control in this device at the speed of thought.  The device gives the full guarantee to be able to communicate or see the virtual characters as similarly as you would do in the real world. You can also reduce simulation sickness by reducing the need for unnatural head movements. The virtual reality headset has an amazing High resolution display.

There is not much external power source. It presently functions with PCs and could be connected via USB.
Resolution is amazing and so is headline eye tracking
Captivating content is lacking so could work on it
Comfort level with the headset is lesser as compared to other Virtual Reality headsets

Price: $99

This Virtual Reality headset could be called the safest bet in the market.  This device gives some of the best, sharp pictures ever. The biggest advantage of this headset is the absolute absence of the requirement of lens if you are shifting your interpapillary distance.

zeiss vr oneYou can play ultimate Virtual reality games or search your streets through Google streets. It is really portable as the design of the device is structured to be lightweight. For videos, games and augmented reality, it is a perfect fit. One cannot deny that from among the other available virtual reality headsets, this qualifies better and proves to be the best.

The build quality of the device is solid
Fitting of fantastic lenses accentuate its demand
Works well with Android and iOS
Lack of lens adjustment
It is relatively expensive as compared to other headsets
Bluetooth controller/mouse is a must for full functionality

Price: Unknown

Vive is a virtual reality headset which is given to you by people like HTC and Valve. Vive is considered to be a fully immersive Virtual Reality headset.  Vive headset offers room-scale gameplay; it also has precise amounts of motion tracking.

htc viveVive even commands and dictates good amount of natural controller gestures. Vive users get a chance to play some crazy-cool Virtual Reality games and there is also a chance to chat with other HTC aficionados. There is tremendous scope with Virtual reality as far as this headset is concerned.

It offers one of the best Virtual Reality experience
Fitted with some really good Intuitive controls
Design is commendable
Price is still unknown
There is not pretty much use of other accessories given : for example Head chord

Such Virtual Reality headsets define the future of technology and gaming. There would be a day when every gamer would be seen fitting himself with the best of the Virtual Reality  headsets and we would be in awe of how far have we come, as far as experiencing reality is concerned.



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